Athlete Foot Care Tips

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which thrives in warm and damp place. The fungus responsible for this infection is known as tinea Pedis grows on top of the feet. It usually develops on toenails and between the fingers. Indicators of these infections include scaly white patches while symptoms are redness, stinging, itching and burning.

Athlete's Foot Prevention and Care

It’s a very contagious infection that you can easily contact it in public showers, health clubs, and indoor swimming pools. You can also get infected if you get contact with socks or wet floors that contain the fungus. Athlete’s foot can be treated naturally using home remedies or taking care of your feet. The following are some of the Athletes Foot Care Tips.

Good Foot Care Practices

Practicing good foot care practices helps in preventing the infection. These practices will protect you from contacting the fungus.

ü Always keep your feet clean and dry.

ü Ensure you dry your toes properly after bathing or swimming. You can use a hair dryer between your toes.

ü When you’re indoors, always wear socks without shoes. Clean white socks made of natural or synthetic fiber are known to absorb
ü Always wear socks to absorb sweat from your feet. You need to change your socks at least twice a day and preferably during the day to keep your feet sweat-free.

ü After removing your shoes, always allow them to air for at least 24 hours before you wear them again. It takes, at least, a day for shoes to dry out properly. If you sweat heavily on the feet, it is recommended that you change your shoes twice in a day.

ü When in public pools or showers, always wear shower sandals or slippers.

ü Keep your toenails as short as possible- The fungus, Tinea Pedis normally lives under toenails, always keep your toenails the shortest length. Leaving your toenails long might make them retain moisture hence creating a survival ground for the fungus.

ü Wear shoes that allow your feet to dry, Shoes made of leather or canvas are preferred to plastic shoes that retain much moisture.

Natural Remedies

The following are some of the best natural remedies you can use to prevent and treat Athletes’ foot.

ü After taking your shoes, use antifungal spray or powder to dust them. You can spray disinfectants like Lysol on a cloth to wipe out the inside parts and sections of your shoes.

ü Make use of natural oils. Soaking your feet in mustard oil helps in killing fungus. Add a few drops of the oil in the footbath.

ü Use tea to keep away the fungus. Tea contains a natural astringent known as tannic acid which works perfectly to dry out sweaty feet. Steep 5 tea bags in one liter of boiling water for approximately five minutes. Let the mixture cool to lukewarm and then soak your feet in the bath for about half an hour.

ü Sprinkle your toes with some baking soda before wearing your socks in the morning. Baking soda or corn starch helps in soaking up the moisture and non-pleasant sweaty foot smell. However, it will not stop the itching.

ü Mix 2 teaspoons of salt and the 2 cups of water and then soak your feet in the bath for about five to ten minutes. Repeat the soaking frequently until your feet is completely healed.

ü Mix olive oil with tea tree in the same amount and then rub the mixture in the affected region. Tea Tree is potential antiseptic and alters the survival environment for the fungus, making it hard for it to survive. Olive oil enhances the absorption of tea tree by tenderizing the skin headed by athlete’s foot.